History of Cerveza Cucapá

A Decade of Quality

“The best rated mexican craft beer is in Baja California”,

Cervecería de Baja California, is one of the pioneering microbreweries in Mexico, it opened its doors in 2002, in Mexicali, B.C.

Cerveza Cucapá is synonymous with premium craft beer, and it holds place among the world’s best, according to a variety of publicactions such as the All About Beer magazine, organizer of the World Beer Championships.

The name “Cucapá” meaning “People of the water“, comes from a native tribe that settled in the northern peninsula of Baja California.


The concept of Cucapá

Concept is based on a mix of Mexican and American cultures.


Cucapá Tribe

The Cucapá tribe was the pioneers of our region and its love by the water and the nature took them to live in the delta of the Colorado River in the desert of Mexicali. The Tradition of the nature, the water of the river and the initiative of being the first people in exploring the region is what make Cucapá Beer as unique as the ancestors of the tribe.